Lovely Phone Visit

I got a message the other day from a woman saying she was disappointed to learn that "A Cotton Bride" was sold. She resonated with the painting, she said.  She'd picked cotton as a child.  Did I have any prints of it?

I called her back and we must have talked for an hour.  I hope we keep in touch.

I sold "A Cotton Bride" too early.  I had just finished it and was planning on entering it into  a local show in a month or so.  I was having lunch with a group of women who all take Pilates at the same studio.  Someone asked what I was working on.  I happened to have a picture of "A Cotton Bride" on my cell phone, so I passed it around.  When it got to the end of our semi-circle, the last woman said, "I want to buy it."  She let me enter it into the show before she took it home.

I know "A Cotton Bride" is an "inspired" piece, and the feeling it evokes is strong in certain people.  It's very gratifying to in turn inspire someone else through my painting. I live for that painting that comes out of nowhere and makes you realize you were just the vehicle, not the creator. Perhaps "A Cotton Bride' is the first of a series, but every time I attempt another cotton bride picture, I am disappointed in it because it is a merely a shade beside the original.