New Series?

I can't be sure, but I may be starting on a new series:  Mothers and Daughters.  Above is my first piece.  My second piece is giving me trouble.  I took an old canvas bought at Goodwill and covered it with gesso. Then I randomly collaged the canvas. (This one is 20 X 20," small for me.)

Next I tried a technique from Anne Bagby (google her if you aren't familiar with her work or her DVD from Creative Catalyst).  Bagby says she draws faces 15 minutes every night, then manipulates them for size on her computer and prints them out.  She tapes these faces onto her canvas and develops her picture from there.  I was surprised how helpful this technique was.  Later, Bagby uses a carbon transfer to draw the face on and then paints it in.

Another technique she uses is stamping.  She makes her own stamps, masks off the figures with clear Contac paper then stamps the background. I developed my own stamp by burning with a wood burning tool some dense foam blocks I cut up from an upholstery project.

I left most areas of this painting loose, leaving my drawing lines and just developed the faces and the mother's hand.  I like the ambiguity, the push/pull in the relationship.

I watched the documentary "The Rape of Europa" yesterday, about the confiscation of artwork by the Nazis during WWII.   (Very powerful theory on why Hitler did what he did.  I recommend it if you haven't seen it.) One of the pieces by Klimt called "Adele" reminded me of what I did here.  Of course I love Klimt, but I didn't realize I was influenced by him.  More likely I am influenced by people like Bagby and Polly Hammett and Carla O'Conner who were influenced by Klimt.  Nevertheless, this painting was a surprise to me.