New Adventure: A Year-Long Journal Swap

I envy and use for inspiration the book True Colors from a few years ago by a group of collaborative artists who exchanged art journals with each other. Because I long to share my art with another person on a deep level, I jumped at the chance to collaborate with another artist through "Blissfully Art Journaling,"
moderated by the wonderful Kim Owens. Kim keeps this rowdy group in-line by giving us daily journal prompts. She also matched a fellow artist from California and me through telephone interviews. We are about to embark on a year-long journal swap starting this month.

My journal will follow the model by Teesha Moore (one of my idols) shown on YouTube of her 16-page 8 x 10" journal made from one sheet of watercolor paper. If you haven't seen the videos, search for it and watch it. She's terrific.

My journal partner and I have elected to send signatures and bind later. My first signature will deal with "Things I Used to Be," and will include some "Defining Moments." I plan to title the next signature "Things I Am Now" and the third one, "Things I Want to See and Be."
The picture above is the cover of my first signature.