Taking a New Class

I'm taking an online class called "Complex Collage" with Chris Cozen and Julie Prichard. I have to admit. I wasn't connecting to the first six "lessons," a testament to the studying and practicing I've been doing for the past few years and how far I've come, rather than speaking of the class. I just realized that I should have had this course 4 years ago and no telling how far along the art superhighway I'd be. Beginners should take this class to get a great foundation under them. The first six lessons start with fundamental principles of design. More experienced artists will still get their money's worth IMHO. I got 4 "ah-has" in lesson 7 alone.

I also took another Julie Prichard class that I especially recommend if you're interested at all in bookmaking. It's called "Super Nova," and it explains and helps you make three different journals.

So far I've taken just two online courses before this one. The first course I took is Mary Ann Moss's "Remains of the Day Journal." Mary Ann is wonderful. She's the 2nd grade teacher you always wanted (which, in fact, she is). Let's just say, nobody else could coax me into using a sewing machine, but not only did I use one, I bought a cheap machine and haven't looked back!

I really love the concept of taking online classes, and now, with these Flip camcorders, it's so easy. I'm ready to make a video of my art journals. Stay tuned.